15 Ways to Get More LinkedIn Followers

Boosting your LinkedIn followers and establishing stronger connections will help you network your company or brand for wider gains.

Boosting your LinkedIn followers on your company page and your connections on your personal page will help you network your company or brand for wider gains. You’ll get more recognition overall on other social media platforms and form longer lasting social connections with other companies, entrepreneurs, clients and employees.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to up your LinkedIn game, here are some tips and tricks to help you to succeed:

1. Optimize SEO

Just as you would optimize your website, ensure you are sprinkling your brand keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile. Make sure to include them in your headline, experience and summary sections. Also use them throughout any other sections where they will naturally flow. But, don't keyword stuff! Here's a great tool to help develop keywords for you business.

2. Engage Your Employees

Make sure you’re connected with your employees on LinkedIn. Encourage them to tag you and the company in posts and to share the posts you make. This will expand your brand and your content to a larger audience, and create connections you wouldn't have had exposure to before.

Take it a step further and check out LinkedIn Elevate. It allows you to curate quality content, suggest it to employees and track results. Your team can share and promote content in a more organic and natural way.

3. Add a Linked Button to Your Website

Your website should be linked somewhere on your LinkedIn profile and a LinkedIn follow button should be included on your website. Social media buttons should be clearly displayed above-the-fold on your website.

If you blog, finish your entries with a call-to-action to follow you on LinkedIn. Example: “Follow me on LinkedIn for more content, resources and tips."

4. Add a Page Link to Your Signature

If you’re emailing with prospective clients, employees or other businesses, including a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email’s signature will likely garner a boost. The professional contacts in your email will likely want to engage with you there if there is a working relationship.

5. Cross-link Your Profiles

If you have a personal profile and a company page, make sure to cross-link the pages and encourage your personal connections to follow your company page. Add a link to your LinkedIn page from all of your other social media profiles, too.

6. Post Content Regularly

The more you post, the more likely you are to show up in someone’s feed, driving engagement and keeping you fresh in someone’s mind. Don't just post promotional content, make sure you are providing value to your audience and giving them a reason to follow you.

Post content that encourages engagement. Ask questions, share your viewpoints and encourage commentary. Create