Everything You Need to Know About Vlogging

If you’re an aspiring vlogger or YouTuber who wants to get started but you don’t know where to begin, we can help! The following tips will help you understand what equipment you need and what platforms are best for you and your brand.

Which platforms to use?


There are a few different platforms out there that you can upload or host videos on, but ideally, YouTube is the best platform to use if your goal is to be a full-time vlogger.

Even after all of these years, YouTube is still a very large platform that continues to grow and is still seeing success from content creators. Those creators also gain revenue from this platform. It’s an easily accessible platform for both vloggers and viewers because you don’t need an app to watch videos and you can watch from virtually any device: phone, tablet, laptop, or smart TV.


IG TV is still a relatively new concept (especially in comparison to YouTube.) The viewership isn’t as high as what you could get on YouTube, so many vloggers build their content on YouTube and then promote it through IG TV, Instagram Stories, and social media posts.

Your Website

If you want to brand yourself completely outside of the YouTube platform and separate yourself from other YouTubers, consider uploading your videos to your website. If you choose this route, keep in mind that this will significantly change how people find your videos, the number of views you get, and possibly your revenue. YouTube is an easier platform to brand yourself on, and they often do the promoting for you by recommending your videos to other users. It’s also easier to see your subscribers and viewership through YouTube in order to track who and how many people are watching your videos.

What equipment do you need?

If you plan on using your laptop to record your videos, make sure your laptop has a built-in webcam or invest in a good-quality camera that can record high-resolution footage.

A smartphone is an adequate piece of recording equipment if it can record up to 4K. If you can afford to, we suggest investing in a DSLR recording camera and tripod. (Check out the 7 best vlogging cameras for 2020 for in-depth info.)

For the best microphone, make sure it's compatible with your computer and high quality for recording or doing voiceovers. If you know you’ll be standing or sitting a far distance away from the camera, you’ll need a portable microphone that you can attach to your clothing.

For lighting, it helps to invest in softboxes, which are what professional photographers use. Or a simple ring light will suffice as well.

Recognize your target audience

Now that you know what you need to get started, you need to know who you’ll be reaching and why.