15 Ways to Grow an Email Marketing List

Here are the best 15 best strategies for growing an effective email list.

It may come as a surprise, but email topples social media on click-through rates and engages consumers at a much higher rate.

If you aren't creating and nurturing your email list, you're missing a great way to connect with current and potential clients. The more people who subscribe to your mailing list, the more engagement you’re likely to attain. And, people are more likely to open their emails and investigate its contents, which can often lead them to your website.

Because we always have your digital marketing back, here are the best 15 best strategies for growing an effective email list.

1. Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is the perfect incentive to drive email subscriber numbers up. So, what is a lead magnet? It’s the exchange of value for an exchange of value. It is some type of incentive that consumers can’t resist, and in exchange, they provide their email address. Perhaps you’re offering a discount, a free sample, or a guide, cheat sheet, course, tutorial, or something that they can download and/or access for free. The catch? They provide their email to gain access.

Tips for lead magnets:

Be specific and focus on your target audience. Hone in on their interests, or provide a solution to their specific problem. Be concise. Lengthy content isn’t necessary for a lead magnet, and shorter can often be more effective. Provide quick benefits to your consumer, and ensure you deliver what they are expecting.

2. Utilize Evergreen Content

Evergreen content can be used over and over and never expires. Find a deal, service, offer or engaging content that doesn't have a timeline or expiration date. Use this to promote your email signup consistently. Often if you use something that expires, you may forget to turn off the promotion or ad, resulting in a bad user experience.

3. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA) on every relevant blog post

A CTA is a perfect way to invite your readers or potential customers to engage with you. It invites them to click on your CTA, such as subscribing to your email list. CTAs can be used at the end of any blog post, so as long as it holds relevancy. Don't forget to throw in a FOMO (Fear of missing out) as well! Make them feel as if they are missing out on something exclusive by not joining your list.

Make sure your CTA is fire! You won’t grab anyone’s attention with dull words and drab phrasing. You must encourage and incentivize your readers to actually make that act upon that call. Improve your writing skills, or hire someone to do that for you. The key is to make it concise and engaging.

Also, make your CTA easy to find and consistent across your website, blogs and other platforms. Don't forget to drop that CTA onto your social profiles, too!

4. Connect your CTA and Lead Magnets to Opt-In Landing Pages

This step is incredibly important to actually get those email subscribers. You need an opt-in area where they can actually input their email address and you can capture it. Add this to your website, or to a custom landing page. Not sure where to start? We recommend Mailchimp.

5. Gated Content

Gated content is a great tactic to encourage email subscriptions. You provide only a portion of the “freebie” incentive and readers can only access the rest by providing their email address to unlock the rest of the content. Once consumers are already engaged with content, many of them feel the need to see it through all the way.

Make sure though the gated content is gold! It has to be worthwhile, insightful, useful, and beneficial to your readers, otherwise they won’t care. Don’t gate all of your content, just the best, because that’s what will increase subscribers. Their email is worth a lot to them, so provide them with equal value in return.

6. Create Hub Pages

Hub Pages are small content collection pages that organized in a way where a user can find all information about one particular topic. They are useful, as they store all your most-blogged-about-topics. Hub pages are also another way for blog posts to turn into lead magnets. If you have a particular topic you write about frequently, and it’s a popular one, compile all of those blog posts about this topic on your hub page. This will send your readers to a page where they can find everything they want to know about that particular topic.

How do Hub Pages become lead magnets though? Use a CTA! For example, if your reader is exploring a certain topic, give them the incentive to sign-up for the email list so they can be notified of when more content about that topic is posted. This encourages a CTA and increases your email subscriber list.

7. Use CTAs in Guest Posts

If you guest post on other industry sites and are allowed to include your author byline, be sure to include a link. The link can be the CTA, inviting readers to click and browse your website.

Once they click the link to your website or whatever landing page you’ve directed them, drop your lead magnet or gated content to capture their email address.

8. Add Opt-Ins Forms and CTAs whenever you can

Include your opt-in link on blogs, personal emails, social posts, or wherever else it flows naturally. (Remember, you don't want to be too salesy on social!)

9. Ask for feedback

On your website, you can ask for feedback or provide a chat option, in which users can input their email to provide you with feedback, comments, or make inquiries. Certain users who have spent an extended period of time on your website or more likely to engage conversationally with you and more willing to provide their email address to do so.

10. Launch a membership deal

Create a members-only area of your website, where you provide members with perks that others don't get (Hello, FOMO!) Offer subscribers discounts through this membership, and other benefits they can’t refuse. Make them feel special for joining!

11. Host promotions or giveaways

Sometimes giving away free stuff can be a great way to capture email addresses. Host a contest where the entry includes providing their email address. But, make sure to follow all CAN SPAM laws and have them opt-in to receive marketing messages from you.

12. Encourage current subscribers to share emails

Within the emails you send out to your current subscribers encourage them to “share with a friend” or “email to a friend” by providing a button so they can forward your content onward. Additionally, include a “subscribe” button within the email so their friends and colleagues can opt-in directly through the email.

13. Use Pinterest Boards

Creating Pinterest boards with interesting visual content to your gated services can also boost email subscribers. The visual content will catch their eye, and the written content will keep their interest. Once engaged with what you have to say - assuming it's helpful, insightful, and useful - they will sign-up for your email list to have full access to this amazing content.

14. Deliver engaging email content

You may start accumulating subscribers but you won’t keep them if your email content is mediocre. Be sure to create interesting email content this is engaging both in the written and visual aspects. Think of the words “fire” and “gold” used above. Just like the content on your website, the content in your emails should reflect what you have to offer.

15. Segment emails to a target audience

It’s worthwhile to create multiple sets of emails, each one pertaining to a certain target audience you’re trying to reach. These emails are more likely to be opened and engaged with if the content pertains to that specific audience or consumer.

With all of the tips above, it is essential to make sure you are follow all CAN-SPAM laws. Check out our blog: Is Your Email CAN-SPAM Compliant?

Good luck growing your list and remember - people want to do business with a person, not a logo. Make your emails fun, personable and engaging.


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