How to Grow Your Facebook Followers

Followers = Trust. The more followers you have, the more people will trust your brand, because others do. And, the more followers you have, the more your message reaches people. But, you can’t deposit followers into the bank. It isn’t just the number of followers that matters…it’s the type of followers. Are they engaging with your brand? Are they customers, potential customers, or potential brand ambassadors?

On Facebook, it can be more difficult to grow your audience, because you can't just follow people in hopes they will follow you back as you can on other platforms. It tends to be the most difficult platform to grow an audience on.

But, we've got your back. We've compiled a few ways to gain "healthy" followers on Facebook:

Invite people to like your page

Inviting people to like your Facebook page is simple. Click "Invite friends" and Facebook allows you to either select all of your friends, or individually choose who you want to invite.

Build a Powerful Profile

In order to attract the right kind of followers and potential clients, it is absolutely vital to create a professional looking Facebook business page and personal profile.

Your Facebook’s business page should inform clients and employers what you have to offer. As for your personal Facebook profile, if it is viewable and not set to private, you want to carry that professional presence across this profile as well. Check out our blog on how to Build a Professional Business Page and Personal Profile.

Use Facebook Ads

Take advantage of Facebook Ads to increase your followers and engagement. You can easily run “engagement ads” which increase your visibility across Facebook. There is also an option to choose page likes as your objective. “Conversion ads” are useful too because if users see the content and like it enough, they will engage with it. This could potentially lead to likes, followers, and sales.

Facebook ads can be highly targeted to your specific audience, based on location, age, and other demographics like pages they like or recent searches. They are also inexpensive, as you choose your budget and how many days you want to run the ad. Unsure if it will work for you? Run a small $20 targeted ad to see if this works for you.

Post visual content

It is proven that people are more likely to engage with a captivating photo or entertaining video than a long paragraph of text. That doesn’t mean your visual content should not have a caption, though. Use those words to draw them in further after you’ve caught their attention with an educational video, funny meme or inspirational quote graphic.

Visual content drives engagement and boosts interaction, so use it often and consistently

Host a giveaway

A fun way to drive engagement and boost your follower count is to host a giveaway. You must offer a prize or reward that they can’t resist. Try giving away a free product, mystery box, discount code to your store, or a free tutorial.

By requiring entrants to follow your page and tag their friends in the comments in order to have a chance at winning the giveaway, you’re boosting your followers and engaging with more people. This gets the conversation going and more likes, comments, and shares happen, so your reach greatly expands.