Profile Tips for Instagram

Here are a few quick ways you can build a powerful Instagram business profile.

People of a variety of ages, interests, backgrounds and pursuits utilize Instagram to show off their skills, talents and what they have to offer in a dynamic, image-based way. Your business can - and should - be using this platform to showcase your brand and grow your business.

Here are a few quick ways you can build a powerful Instagram business profile:

Make sure you're a public business profile

Instagram’s business profile differs from a regular profile and it is essential to make sure your page is set up as a business profile and that it is set to public. Under settings, select "Switch to Professional Account" if you have not already.

With a business profile, you gain more insight into your account by having information available about your reach, engagement and demographics. You can also include your email address, phone number, links and general point-of-contact info to personalize the experience. You can also add products to your account, and let customers purchase directly in the Instagram platform.

Choose a branded username

Make sure your @username is recognizable and searchable. If your business name is taken, create a variation of it, but leave the actual business name at the beginning of the username. Your account name should be your full business name, even if your @username is a variation. Here’s our profile as an example. Imagine Social Media was not available as an @username, so we chose @imaginingsocial, but kept our full

business name as our profile name:

Imagine Social Media’s Instagram profile

To edit your @username and business name, click the "Edit Profile" button to the right of your profile photo.

Choose the right profile photo

Your profile photo is the first thing people will see when visiting your page. Use a quality image of your business logo or another relevant image. It should be clear to other users who you are and what you represent based on your profile image, because that’s how they’ll come to identify you.

The ideal size for your Instagram profile picture is 110 x 110. Use this sizing to avoid the image becoming distorted and stay away from any text in your image as its illegible in an image that small. Use a version of your logo without text, or use an image of a product or something else that represents your brand visually and is easily recognizable. For example, Apple’s profile photo is their logo with no words - just that universally recognizable image.

Create an interesting bio

You have limited space in your bio to grab your audience’s attention and convert them into followers and customers. You have to let people know what your business is about in a few simple words that are concise and engaging. Think about some adjectives you would use to describe your business, or how you want your business to be defined by your customers. Sprinkle some keywords and include some hashtags. Don't be afraid to use emojis! It helps break up the text and people are drawn to emojis.

Include a link in your bio

You only get one link in Instagram bios, so make it count! A hack around this is to use Link Tree so that you can drive your followers to several places from your profile. You can include links to your other social profiles, your website and links from any content you posted. Because you can't include links in your IG posts, you can drive people to your LinkTree in your posts, and add any call-to-action links in there.

Update your LinkTree as you launch new products, post new blogs or YouTube videos, or anytime you have something fresh to share with your audience. Keep it fresh and updated frequently, and always remind people to “click the link in my bio” when you’re directing them to your website, store or other site.

Create story highlights

If you aren't using Instagram stories already, you're missing out. Stories are a really great way to connect with your followers and increase your reach. Creating story Highlights on your page gives you a place to promote content front and center on your profile. To create highlights, post a story and then click Highlight. You can choose which Highlight to add it to, and change the cover photo. (Hack: Try to create highlight cover photos)

Highlights allow you to showcase your stories after the 24 hours is up, and allow you to categorize them into digestible content for your followers. For example, if you offer skincare and haircare products, you can showcase them separately into two separate IG highlights. Someone visiting your profile can easily watch the topics they are interested in.

You can also showcase timely content, sales, new products and more. Highlights are also a great way to give users an inside look at your brand. Stories don’t have to be polished and produced, so have a little fun!

Create amazing content with consistency

Your brand needs to stand out with content that is simple, creative, consistent and fundamentally you. It needs to be on-brand and give your audience a look at who you are and what your brand is about. This doesn’t mean you have go to great lengths or invest in expensive photography equipment to create amazing content for your profile. Often the simplest content is the most intriguing and successful. Using your smart phone to take quality photos and videos is actually quite easy and yields surprisingly good results.

Showing still images is great when the content calls for it, but playing around with videos, boomerangs and other fun visuals will boost the playfulness and the friendly appeal of your profile. Showing that your business has a fun side will ultimately enhance your positive appeal to followers. Here's a list of some great apps to create visually-appealing content.

Experiment with IGTV, which allows you to post long-form video content from 60 seconds to 60 minutes.

Make it aesthetically pleasing

Before they even click on a post, users get an overall impression on your brand as soon as they click on your profile. Develop your content to flow in an aesthetically pleasing way and keep your content on brand.

To create consistency throughout your content, use the same filter, fonts, brand colors and tone. What is your brand look and feel? Dark and moody? Bright and airy? Make sure your content aligns with that and is consistent with everything you post.

Tools like Planoly and Later allow you to view content and drag and drop to place them in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Here are some great theme examples.

Build a valuable following

It used to be that the more followers you had on social media, the more successful your business was. Now, the focus is more on valuable followers who will engage with and promote your brand. Remember, you can't deposit followers into the bank! Don't focus on the number of followers, but rather building a community of loyal followers who you can interact with and that will help grow your business. Here are some tips we put together to grow valuable followers on Instagram.


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