Social Media Response Plan Template

As you engage with clients, potential clients and others on your social media pages, it is essential to have a plan in place as to how you – or your team – will respond to comments, messages and other interactions.

Whether it is a negative or positive reaction, comment or message, having a plan in place prevents responses that may not be the best for your brand. Our Social Media Response Plan template helps you create a plan to outline how you will monitor your social media accounts, how you will respond to comments and feedback, and more.

Use the template below as a guide to create a plan for your business. The first version is for businesses with employees. Share it with employees and create point people to ensure it is followed. If you don’t have employees, we also include a template at the end to create a plan for yourself. Having a plan keeps you strategic and prevents you from emotionally responding and potentially damaging your brand.

Use these instructions to guide you as you create your plan from our template. If you have any questions as you create this, please submit a contact us form.

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