Tips for Creating a Content Calendar

We compiled a few quick tips for building a strong content calendar.

A content calendar may be a huge undertaking at first, but they are essential for all businesses to have an effective and organized social media strategy. But, we also know they can be daunting. What do you include in a content calendar? What tools do you use?

We compiled a few quick tips for building a strong content calendar. (Did you know that we also offer ready-to-go content calendars, too?)

📅 Define your goals: Anyone can post on social media. But, are you effective? Clearly defining your goals can help ensure you are posting content that is relevant to your business and your audience.

📅 Compile your content: For a content calendar to be effective, it needs to include more than just scheduled posts. Create a draft section where you can compile posts you are working on. Use this area to brainstorm and store images, captions and hashtags. Instead of searching for your images on phone or sifting through folders on your laptop, you know everything you need to post will be stored in one place. Create an area to store evergreen content that has no timeline or deadline, so it can easily be shared again.

📅 Define roles: If you have a team working with you on content, make sure your calendar clearly shows which team members are responsible for creating and publishing which content. There also should be deadlines and due dates set up for when that content needs to be completed and published.

📅 Create lists: Compile sets of high-volume hashtags so that you can easily copy and paste them into posts as you are building them. Also, create shortlists of call-to-action (CTA) copy so that you don't forget to include a CTA on all of your posts.

📅 Use labels: If you post on more than one platform, identify a way to label the posts for which platform the content will be posted on.

📅 Plan in advance: The amount of content you create for your calendar ahead of time is important, too. Identify how far in advance you want to schedule your posts, and hold yourself accountable to have that content edited and approved in advance.

📅 Build a swipe-file: At Imagine Social, we are big on swipe files! Basically, these files include anything we would swipe right on. Did you see a great quote image or read a great article that you think your audience will love? Drop it in your swipe file so it's ready to grab whenever you want to post it!

📅 Plan for national awareness days: Check out a calendar of national awareness days and think about how they are relevant to your business. Create content for those days in advance so that you won't be scrambling the day of. For example, if you are a pet store, National Dog Day is a perfect day to showcase your products!

Keep holidays, events, local holidays, traditions, shows, festivals, and other occasions in mind when publishing your content.

📅 Choose a tool that works for you: At Imagine Social, we use Trello. It is incredibly useful in developing a content calendar because has a calendar view, labeling systems, attachments, due dates, and more. You can easily view posts by what’s been published and what’s coming up. The Small Business Content Calendars we offer are built in this system. Struggling to build your own calendar? We can help! Check out our ready-to-go calendars!

📅 Track Your Results: Be sure to leave an area in your calendar where you can track results. This can help you identify content that is working and what may not be worth your time.


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