Tips For Creating a Professional Facebook Profile

In order to attract the right kind of followers and potential clients, it is absolutely vital to create a professional looking Facebook business page and personal profile.

Your Facebook’s business page should inform clients and employers what you have to offer. As for your personal Facebook profile, if it is viewable and not set to private, you want to carry that professional presence across this profile as well.

Our guide will show you how to establish a professional Facebook business page and personal profile so you can represent your business in the most impressive way possible.


Your Facebook’s business page is where your current and potential customers are going to go when wanting to learn about your business. The following are the elements it should include:

Cover photo

A cover photo is like your billboard and is one of the first things someone will see when they land on your page. First impressions do matter! This photo should be relevant to your business and brand. It can be a product photo, a seasonal banner or promotional deal you currently have. Make sure to use proper image sizes so that your image is not pixelated. If you have text on your image, ensure it is not cut off or blocked by your profile image.

Profile picture

Again, this photo is one of the first things someone’s eyes will land upon so it should be clear, relevant, and brand-aligned. Typically, this is where many brands display their company logo. But, we challenge you to think outside of the box. Do you have a signature product? Are you the face of your company? People don't want to do business with a logo. Choose something visual that represents your brand instead!

About Me section

This is the first introduction you can give outside of your cover and profile photos. This little summary tells people what your brand is about and who you are. Dazzle your audience with a concise and clear description that tells your brand's story. Don't just dump your value proposition here. Instead, tell your audience something they didn't know about your brand. Remember, people want to do business with a person, not a logo.

Fill in everything

Don't leave anything blank! Use each section as an opportunity to showcase your businesses even more. Don't forget to include links, phone numbers, and other necessary contact information. Provide links to your website and all of your social media profiles.

Include visual media

The more photos and videos that you include in your post updates, the better. This draws people in and makes them more likely to engage with your content because humans are naturally attracted to visuals. Post relevant memes, insightful or entertaining videos and intriguing photos. Keep the content relevant and consistent to your brand.

Add to your story

Much like Instagram, Facebook has a story feature as well. This can be an easy way to engage with your audience. You can ask questions, conduct polls, post inside-look pictures, or product-making videos. Stories don't have to be overly produced, so have some fun with them!