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Social Media & Digital Marketing Bootcamps

Learn everything you need to start - or redesign - your social media strategy...

in just 2 weeks!

✔️ Defining your story and telling it to the right people

✔️ How to build strong profiles & gain followers

✔️ Facebook ads 101

✔️ Everything you need to know about going Live

✔️ Owning your digital footprint

✔️ Getting positive Google reviews

✔️ Creating and deploying a content calendar

✔️ Monitoring & responding to comments

✔️ How to post - the RIGHT WAY  

✔️ Email marketing

✔️ Analytics - Measuring what matters

✔️ Website/SEO 101

and sooooooo much more.

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It has never been more important to evaluate the way you are communicating with clients, potential clients and your community.

Businesses need to know how to effectively use social media to not only grow their business but to sustain it during these challenging times.


There is so much noise.


We get it. Really, we do.


People are selling social media tips and digital marketing classes everywhere now. They are getting "certified" online and claiming to be able to give you the magic answers to make you a millionaire. We promise you they cannot, and you will have more questions after their training than you did before. 


It was these scam companies or self-confessed "guru" newbies that inspired us to drastically reduce our Social Media Bootcamp pricing. Because we care about small businesses. We are a small business. 

Our President/CEO started the company in her sunroom, with the passion to share her experience and knowledge with the small businesses she saw struggling to use social media effectively.  

She has more than 20 years of sweat equity in the digital marketing and social media arena, building and deploying strategies for large brands, including NBC and Gannett news. (She was one of the first members of both MySpace and Facebook!)

In our Social Media Bootcamp, she will personally teach you everything you need to know about social media in a hands-on, grab-your-workbook-and-let's-dig-in kind of way. 

The knowledge you will walk away with is equivalent to courses, camps and college courses that would cost you more than $1,000.

 So... how does this bootcamp work?

Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

All bootcamps are hosted in a private Facebook group. You will receive an invite to the group within 24-48 hours after purchase.

Live classes are held each day, Monday through Friday. But, we know life is a bit crazy right now. So, all classes will remain in the group to view at any time. (You can take your class at any time you choose and at your own pace!)


You will receive a class workbook prior to your start date to help guide you through the program and to help create your personal strategy.

Plus, your instructor will have live office hours twice a week in your private Facebook group to answer any questions you have!


 Questions? Contact us and we are happy to help!

But wait... there's more.

(Sorry, we just always wanted to say that)

Also included in your Social Media Bootcamp is a 2020 Content Calendar - stocked with everything you need to start posting. Imagine having your entire year of content not only planned out, but ready to post? Royalty-free images, text, blogs, hashtags and more. AND as a limited-time bonus - get our 3-month Livestream calendar, too!

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