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Michele, an AI expert in digital marketing, stands at the forefront of integrating Artificial Intelligence with social media and branding strategies. With a career spanning over two decades, her journey from a skilled journalist to a digital marketing visionary showcases her ability to adapt and thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Early in her career, Michele's journalistic roots provided a strong foundation in communication and storytelling, skills that became instrumental in her transition to digital marketing. As social media began reshaping the digital world, she quickly became an early adopter and advocate, leveraging these platforms to their fullest potential.

Leading a successful digital marketing agency, Michele has shown an exceptional ability to understand and utilize the ever-changing digital environment. Her expertise goes beyond crafting resonant strategies; she is a trailblazer in anticipating and adapting to digital trends, particularly in AI-driven marketing.

Michele's deep practical knowledge in branding and social media, combined with her passion for educating others, has made her a highly sought-after trainer and mentor. She excels in empowering businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to leverage digital platforms for significant growth and enhanced branding.

Her recent focus on Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing marks a pivotal point in her career. Michele's training sessions and workshops are designed to make AI an accessible and practical tool for businesses to broaden their reach, brand themselves, grow their business, automate, create and save time and money.


Throughout my career, I've been a steadfast advocate for integrating new technologies into marketing strategies. Over 20 years ago, I was in the office of a major news network I worked at, passionately arguing the case for social media's inevitable rise and its impact on news consumption. Fast forward to today, and I find myself still persuading some clients about the indispensable role of social media in their marketing mix.

I've observed that those who remain agile and embrace innovative strategies consistently stay ahead, achieving growth in their audience, business, and goals. Conversely, those hesitant to adopt new methods often find themselves just a step behind, missing out on the real benefits.

Now, as I delve into conversations about transitioning to AI tools and technologies, I encounter four distinct mindsets:

  1. The Skeptics: "No way! I refuse to use robots that will take people’s jobs away."

  2. The Technophobes: "It’s cool, but too complex. I could never learn it."

  3. The Enthusiasts: "Absolutely, I'm already using ChatGPT. Show me how to maximize its potential!"

  4. The Overconfident: "I use ChatGPT for everything. There’s nothing more to learn."

To each of these groups, my message is unwavering: Embracing these tools and technologies is crucial RIGHT NOW, and the pace is accelerating far beyond what we saw with social media or the birth of the internet.

AI won’t replace your job, but someone who effectively uses AI might.

I reassure them that AI technology is more user-friendly than ever, with capabilities to self-educate on its use. And for those who think they've learned it all – with AI, there’s always something new to discover. From automation to curation, conversation, and beyond, the possibilities are endless.

In just the last year, I've guided a diverse array of professionals - small business owners, realtors, insurance agents, coaches, e-commerce startups and so many more how to leverage AI to:


  • Brand themselves as a subject matter expert and a leading resource in their market

  • Grow their business

  • Generate high converting, SEO-optimized real estate listings in minutes

  • Save time, money and resources

  • Expand their SOI

  • Generate content - from ideation to final editing 

  • Improve customer experience

  • Streamline lead generation and qualification

  • Enhance their personalized networking and collaboration 

  • Improve document analysis and management

  • Enhance market analysis and predictive analytics 

  • and much more! 

Let's start the conversation on how I can help you leverage AI. E-mail me, connect with me on LinkedIn, or use our chat box.

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