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Are you ready to harness the incredible potential of AI for your business but unsure where to start?

Our custom ChatGPT Prompt Playbooks are designed specifically for small business owners, coaches, and realtors.

With our expertly crafted prompts, you're just a step away from revolutionizing your business practices, saving time, and catapulting your marketing efforts to new heights.

You don't need to be an AI expert to use our prompts. We've simplified the process, providing you with a straightforward guide on how to implement ChatGPT effectively in your daily operations.

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These aren't just generic basic level prompts. They are written by our team - high level digital marketing and business experts with over 30 years experience combined. Each prompt includes a use case example, 3-5 follow-up prompts and suggested next steps.

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Industry-Specific Prompts: Uncover a wide array of prompts meticulously tailored to the unique needs of your industry. Realtors can generate captivating property listings and market analyses, while coaches can develop personalized coaching plans and motivational content.


Small business owners will find prompts for creating product descriptions, FAQs, and service offerings that truly stand out.

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Marketing Magic: Propel your digital presence forward with prompts designed to spark creativity in your social media strategies, email campaigns, and advertising efforts. From generating engaging blog post ideas to crafting compelling ad copy and creating viral-worthy social media content, these prompts are your secret weapon for captivating your audience.


Operational Excellence: Streamline your business operations with prompts that automate scheduling, manage customer inquiries, and simplify project management. Imagine freeing up hours each week by optimizing tasks that once drained your time and resources.


Content Creation & Distribution: Access prompts that assist in creating high-quality content across various formats—blogs, videos, newsletters—and strategies for distributing this content effectively to reach your target audience. These prompts help you maintain a consistent and engaging online presence.


Customer Service & Engagement: Elevate your customer service with prompts that guide you in crafting personalized responses to inquiries, feedback, and reviews. Enhance customer engagement with targeted questions and polls that encourage interaction and loyalty.


Sales & Lead Generation: Discover prompts that help you identify and nurture leads through personalized communication, creating proposals, and following up effectively. These tools are designed to convert interest into sales by engaging potential clients in a meaningful way.


Personal Branding for Professionals: Especially for coaches and realtors, prompts that help articulate your unique value proposition, share your success stories, and build a personal brand that resonates with your target market.


Analytics & Feedback Interpretation: Understand your business performance better with prompts designed to analyze feedback and interpret data from your marketing campaigns, helping you make informed decisions to drive growth.

Automate mundane tasks, generate engaging content, and personalize customer interactions at scale. Our prompts help you do more in less time, freeing you up to focus on what you do best – growing your business. Choose your playbook below!

Bonus! Order today and get 100 content ideas for your industry! You can use our prompts to have ChatGPT help you create this content in minutes!

"Imagine Social Media has been the trusted source of information that my company has been looking for for years. Their deep experience, creativity, and - crucially - their willingness to listen to and understand the client’s needs is impressive.


Michele, in particular, has helped guide our focus and messaging that allows not only our clients but our entire staff to understand and convey our mission accurately.

- Mike Richter, Former NY Rangers NHL goalie and President, Brightcore Energy 



Erin K.,

Bakery Owner

“Although I saw the potential of courses, I was hesitant due to my tech skills. However with Michele's guidance on AI tools, my perspective changed completely.


I managed to launch my course in a short time frame and the possibilities for revenue are truly exciting. Michele simplified the course creation process and introduced me to cutting edge AI tools.”


Derek L.,


"As a very busy entrepreneur, creating a course seemed like an unachievable task until I attended Michele's workshop. Her insights on leveraging AI for efficiency have completely changed my workflow - saving me so much time.


Now, the course I developed is generating additional revenue streams for my business and I barely spend time on it now. I'm always looking for ways to make the most of my time and explore ways to earn money. This program went beyond my expectations.”


Paris W.,


"This masterclass has transformed my life beyond words. The amount of knowledge I gained from this course felt like I went to college for marketing. Michele's teaching style is incredibly easy to grasp. Her dedication to each class member is truly inspiring.


Thanks to her guidance I now have an income stream that enabled me to leave my job and live the life I've always wanted to.”

Nancy DeAngelo headshot

Nancy DeAngelo, Town Justice, Warwick, NY

"I can't thank you enough for all you did for me in my campaign. Your skills and dedication to the team shined through - especially on election night! 


I could not have done what I did in the election - or won - without you."

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