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Case Studies: Using 'Act As' Prompts with ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and Claude

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One groundbreaking AI marketing strategy involves the use of "Act As" prompts within platforms like ChatGPT. These prompts guide AI systems to embody specific roles or personas, from SEO experts to social media influencers, providing marketing teams with a unique blend of insights and expertise. (Check out our blog on how to use 'act as' prompts.)

Let's explore a few case studies that show how integrating "Act As" prompts into your marketing efforts can transform challenges into opportunities for innovation and success.

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Case Study 1: Dental Clinic Marketing Campaign

Background: Dr. Sarah runs a small dental clinic in a suburban area. She wants to increase patient engagement and attract new clients, particularly younger families and professionals.

Objective: Create an engaging social media campaign to raise awareness and promote dental health services.

Act As Prompt:

  • Prompt: "Act as a social media strategist for a dental clinic targeting young families and professionals."

  • Context: "You are designing a month-long social media campaign to promote dental health awareness, including tips, patient testimonials, and special offers."


  • The AI, acting as a social media strategist, suggested a series of themed posts for the month, including:

  • Week 1: Dental hygiene tips for families with children.

  • Week 2: Patient testimonials showcasing positive experiences.

  • Week 3: Informative posts about the importance of regular dental check-ups.

  • Week 4: Special promotions for new patients, like discounted cleanings and consultations.


  • Increased engagement on social media platforms by 40%.

  • Attracted 25 new patients within the first two months of the campaign.

  • Enhanced online presence and brand awareness.

Case Study 2: Real Estate Agency Uses ChatGPT 'Act As' Prompts For SEO Optimization

Background: John operates a small real estate agency and wants to improve his website's visibility to attract more potential homebuyers and sellers.

Objective: Optimize the website for search engines to increase organic traffic and lead generation.

Act As Prompt:

  • Prompt: "Act as an SEO expert specializing in real estate."

  • Context: "You are analyzing the current website and providing recommendations for improving its search engine ranking."


  • The AI, acting as an SEO expert, provided actionable insights, including:

  • Keyword Optimization: Identified relevant keywords like "buying a home in [city]" and "best real estate agent in [city]" to target.

  • Content Strategy: Suggested creating blog posts on topics such as home buying tips, market trends, and neighborhood guides.

  • Technical SEO: Recommended improvements for site speed, mobile responsiveness, and meta tags.


  • Organic traffic increased by 35% over three months.

  • Lead generation through the website improved by 20%.

  • Higher rankings for key search terms in local searches.

Case Study 3: Beauty Salon Customer Engagement

Background: Maria owns a beauty salon and wants to improve customer retention and attract new clients through personalized marketing.

Objective: Develop a personalized email marketing campaign to engage existing customers and attract new ones.

Act As Prompt:

  • Prompt: "Act as a customer engagement specialist for a beauty salon."

  • Context: "You are creating an email marketing campaign that includes personalized offers, beauty tips, and loyalty rewards."


  • The AI, acting as a customer engagement specialist, designed an email campaign that included:

  • Welcome Series: Personalized welcome emails for new clients with a special discount for their first visit.

  • Monthly Newsletter: Featuring beauty tips, salon news, and exclusive offers.

  • Loyalty Program: Information about the salon's loyalty program, encouraging repeat visits with rewards and discounts.


  • Increased open rates for email campaigns by 50%.

  • Boosted customer retention rates by 30%.

  • Attracted 15% more new clients through referral incentives and personalized offers.

These case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of 'Act As' prompting in various small business scenarios. By leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and Claude to act as specific experts, small business owners can enhance their marketing strategies, improve customer engagement, and achieve measurable results.

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